Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Kitchen Remodel

So, my aunt called me a couple of weeks ago, panicking because her daughter in law asked her to host her baby shower ...Well, the panicking was because my aunt hasn't redecorated her house in, literally, 30 years.... So, she asked if I'd come over and just add some "updated decor"... Well, I can't just do something simple, if I'm gonna redo the kitchen, I'm gonna redo the kitchen... :) So, she handed over the credit cards and I went to work... In five days, I redid the cabinets and transformed her 1980's kitchen into a Tuscan Villa...She's always wanted a tuscan kitchen because of her Italian heritage. I did a faux finish on the walls, added lots of warm, rich colors... and distressed the newly painted cabinets. They added beautiful hard wood floors this past week and it just looks amazing. I had so much fun doing it.... Here are some before and after pics!!!

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