Thursday, January 29, 2009

~An Affair of the Heart~

An Affair of the Heart is Oklahoma's biggest craft show... I have a great friend who will have a booth there. She is so talented and creates beautiful pieces. She recently asked me to be a part of a new adventure she's starting. She has a website www. and is hoping to create a place where crafters can put patterns and tutorials on there for others to download. She's asked me to help her get started by making some press packets to hand out at her booth so we can do a little advertising and invite others to join us. I've made some adorable kits for her to hand out... I hope others will be inspired to join us.... Thanks Bobbie!!!


littlethings1 said...

How adorable & what a great friend you are to help her with her new venture!

Bobbie said...

Love the shout out.
Thank you ....
glad to have you on board!
You are so talented
I am the lucky one!