Monday, August 10, 2009

Reburbished Hoosier Cabinet

I found this old Hoosier Cabinet and revamped it! It's beautiful! Too bad it won't fit in my house! Here's the before and afters!


Better After said...

Hi there! I love your stuff! I actually just started a new blog on all my favorite before & afters. I would love to feature your little shabby chic desk, if you don't mind!

Jackie Z said...

When you use fabrics on wood, what type of adhesive do you use to get it to stick and stay nicely and how to do apply it?

Also any tips for treatments to the sides of the fabric?

I have a desk that I think I want to put a large pattern on the whole top part of the desk, just dont want to screw it up!

MeLiSsA said...

I actually don't use fabric... I use paper. Just use a spray adhesive and make sure you match up patterns and lay it down smoothly!

Embellished Bayou said...

I just love all your furniture makeovers (visiting from DIY Showoff)! Would you mind sharing where you got that fleur de lis stencil you used on this cabinet? Please and thank you!