Friday, November 6, 2009

My Latest Furniture Redo

I haven't been on in a while!!! I've been sick, the kids have been sick and everything else that can go wrong, probably has... But, I'm here and I'm blessed to be here!!!

A friend of mine is redoing her daughters room for her 12th birthday! So, yesterday we decided she needed a fun desk to go in her "new" room. I whipped this one up in no time AND made a custom chair pad to go on the chair! The room turned out beautiful!!! Here's some before and afters! Enjoy........ and Happy Birthday, Becca!!!


Luana said...

LOVE IT!!!!! It is beautiful!!!!! You girls did a great job!!!!

Jamie Lynn said...

This is awesome!!! you are good! Glad ya feel better!

Diana said...

Missy ,I have missed you so much!
I'm sorry you have been feeling so bad,it's to bad you caught pneumonia after standing out in the cold everynight for a week before the wedding,but it sure was beautiful you are fabulous!
Next thing I want to see here is Diva! Love you Aunt Diana

AJ said...

LOVE! Are the drawers covered in paper or fabric?

Adrianna said...

So glad your back! I love you blog. You do amazing work :O)